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How safe is your Grandma?


Senior housing facilities and adult long term care operations have become an all too frequent party to senior abuse and molestation claims of many kinds. Mike Panish is an expert witness currently working with several attorneys that have had to file lawsuits against these care facilities due in part to improper premises security pertaining to daily operations, staff hiring practices, and poor management procedures and patient protocol. Unfortunately, and sadly, adult rape of both male and female residents and day care participants is much too common.

An example of cases that have occurred in long term resident housing, day care programs and nursing facilities nationwide:

Michael Panish has been the retained expert in dozens of senior abuse and adult day care rape cases. He has been involved in landmark courtroom decisions where his testimony regarding premises security and standards of care were found to be the pivotal defining explanations that led to multi-million dollar awards for his clients. Mr. Panish has been used as the retained expert and consultant on many significant adult day care lawsuits that resulted in favorable settlements for his clients early on in the case, avoiding costly litigation expenditures.