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Daily Safety Inspection Sticker Covered Over in Retail Store


Walking into a stationery chain store last weekend, I noticed that the "Daily Safety Check" sticker positioned by the automatic door manufacturer on the door frame had been almost completely covered with an electrical conduit. There were no other stickers located adjacent to the doorway.

The manufacturers of all automatic doorways require that a Daily Safety inspection be made to every automatic doorway every day prior to the start of business. They provide owner's manuals, often have their inspection information online, but to alert the management or owner of an automatic doorway, they first place a daily safety inspection sticker near the operating controls of the door. That sticker comes from the manufacturer, already attached at specific locations so that there is a constant daily reminder to check all of the automatic door functions before the general public enters the store each day.

Working as the office manager and assistant for the nation's leading automatic door expert witness, I am definitely more tuned in to the workings of all automatic doors. We get a dozen or more calls a week from plaintiff and defense attorneys that request the services of Mike Panish, Automatic Door & Sensor Expert Witness, after a person was injured when passing through an automatic door of some kind.