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Mike is really that good - he gets results!


Mike Panish is an expert witness who is contacted daily regarding a variety of different types of cases. Some plaintiff's attorneys, not having ever had cases that Mike Panish specializes in, seek his help to determine if their client's claim is valid, if the circumstances surrounding the injury are consistent with the purported injury, or they may want his assistance developing their cases.

Some attorneys have had bad experiences with another experts and are concerned that they will be abused in much the same manner. Mike Panish is probably the most diligent, well informed, and efficient professional expert that any attorney could retain for any type of case.

Check out the actual testimonials left by many satisfied attorneys and see what past clients have said about Mike Panish. In every case where Mike Panish has been retained, the results have been outstanding. Bringing Mike Panish, Expert Witness, onto your team will make your claims solid and well supported.

Are you a defense attorney?

If you are defending a claim, Mike Panish has repeatedly limited or eliminated liability exposure. In fact, there have been multiple cases where claims made against an insured have become cases where the insured actually recovered significant funds due to the expertise that Mr. Panish possesses.

Mike Panish is the most frequently retained expert in his fields of practice. He is referred consistently by attorneys that have retained him in the past, former clients, and expert referral agencies where he is not even registered or affiliated with. Mike is really that good. He knows how to help develop a case and get you positive results consistently.

Whether you are in the process of filing a new claim or defending an existing claim, Mike Panish and his exceptional staff can make your job much easier. His expert services and attention to your case make him the most accessible and responsive expert you will ever work with.

For your next case, you need Mike Panish, Construction Expert Witness, Door & Automatic Door Expert Witness, Cabinetry & Millwork Expert Witness, and Premises Security Expert Witness.

Contact Mike's assistant, Sharon at 888-902-4272 and speak to him today about your case, or view his website at .