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Will someone please find me an expert?


If you assign the task of finding a specialty expert, you may not end up retaining and designating the right expert for your case.

If you are the lead attorney on a case, it is to your best interests to personally speak with the expert you are qualifying because you know better than anyone else in your office as to what you are going to need for your important case.

Finding and choosing the right expert for your case is far too important to delegate to someone who doesn't have your experience or know enough about your case.

Every week we get at least one call from a "non-decision maker" that is charged with the task of finding the "Perfect Expert" for their law firms case. This person may be a paralegal, law clerk, or secretary who is pre-screening expert's qualifications, and then turns the information over to the attorney. It sometimes seems that the person is reading from a form questionnaire or generic list that never seems to apply to the type of case that they are describing. The questions that follow our answers are usually misdirected and acknowledged without any recognition of the correct response one way or another. When someone from our staff follows up after a week or so following this call, the paralegal or clerk that placed the original call is sometimes confused, and has often misinterpreted the entire conversation with our office. That person has made so many calls that they never really understood or found the answers to their questions that would generate a logical choice for an expert. It all depends upon the competence and experience of the person making the expert inquiry as to whether or not you, as the attorney, will ever hear about the best qualified and perfect choice of an expert for your case.

There goes your case!

An attorney that does not have the time to make direct inquiries to a potential expert can be setting his case up for failure from the start. If a person who doesn't understand the case details is the one interviewing a potential expert, the perfect expert can slip through your hands. That expert can quickly be hired by your opposition, and there goes your case! An attorney that does not take the personal time to investigate an expert can potentially miss his early opportunity to win his case!

The importance of finding the right expert early on in your case should be of prime importance to you. The right expert will help analyze discovery, develop interrogatory questions, and achieve lasting results for your case. A properly chosen expert can make your case whether you represent the plaintiff or defendant. The sooner you find the perfect expert, the faster that expert can assist you with your casework. Given the possibilities that an exceptional expert will assist you in developing your case strategies and inquiries, you should put personal effort and attention into this critical and very often decisive choice to get a positive outcome for your clients.

Make the call and speak with Mike Panish

Mike Panish is the expert that can help you make sense of your case. His analytical skills and abilities that have been honed by over 35 years of hands-on experience in his fields makes him the best choice for your case. You have never met or worked with an expert of his caliber . Mike is a construction expert witness for most construction trades, a door & automatic door expert witness, a cabinetry and architectural millwork expert, and a premises security expert witness. He has very diverse skills and is available for nationwide inspection and testimony. Mike has been retained on over 750 cases by plaintiff and defense since beginning as an expert in the year 2000. View his website to get a feel for his diverse and interesting background. Check out the testimonials given by actual case attorneys to see their opinions of his work. Mike works evenly for plaintiff and defense and is retained across the United States, Canada, and internationally. For immediate attention to your case, contact Sharon at 888-902-4272, who will put you directly in touch with Mike.