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Mike Panish has been retained on over 900 cases


Mike Panish has been retained on over 900 cases to date and is the Nation’s leading expert witness and most retained expert for door related injuries and wrongful death claims, for both Plaintiff and Defense. Mike has worked almost equally for Plaintiff, Defense, and Cross Defense. He is a truly unique resource for every attorney.

Mike is a published author of numerous informative technical articles having to do with his expertise, including articles about manual and automatic doors, all types of doors and door related injuries, cabinetry defects, contractor fraud, premises security issues with regard to elder abuse, patron and patient safety, construction safety and safety equipment, and many other technical articles.

Mike is one of the most retained expert for door injuries and construction defects and injuries. Mike is hired almost equally by plaintiff and defense counsel, and is also frequently retained by contractors, door and door sensor manufacturers, insurance claims professionals, and property owners.

Mike has offices in California and New England and is available for nationwide and international inspection and testimony. Visit Mike Panish's website at for a full list of his expert witness services.