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Mike Panish - Retained on over 900 cases


Mike Panish has been retained on over 900 cases to date, and is the Nation's most retained expert witness for door and automatic door related personal injury cases, construction related injuries & defects, premises security, andslip, trip, fall cases. Mike's expertise as an expert witness is multi-disciplined in the construction field with specialty expertise in doors, automatic doors, most construction trades, and cabinetry & architectural millwork.

Mike Panish has been providing expert testimony for plaintiff and defense since the year 2000 and he is unlike any other expert you ever worked with in the past.

Mike has been instrumental in helping his plaintiff clients achieve multimillion dollar settlements. He has also frequently turned defense claims around and helped extract defendants and co-defendants from cases.

Mike is a unique independent skilled craftsman that has a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of construction. Opposing attorneys on previous cases have hired him and opposing experts have referred him, because they acknowledge his qualifications and knowledge once they have seen him in action. Check out his testimonials page where many clients have posted their comments.

Mike is retained by product manufacturers, vendors, installers, and cross defendants to assist in defense of claims. Mike is often retained by more than one party to a claim, and has been fair and unbiased getting good results for all of his clients.

Mike is the expert that can help you make or defend your claim with confidence. In many proceedings the arbitrators, mediators, and judges have acknowledged Mike as "the only true expert in the room". He is consistent, reliable, and honest.

Take a moment to contact the best expert you will ever find. His attentive staff will assist you immediately, and will get you in contact with Mike. Mike and his staff will give you fast, accurate, and prompt attention for your case.

What you will get from Mike Panish

  • Immediate attention to your case.
  • Immediate responses to your case needs
  • Support with all phases of discovery
  • Accurate information about how to pursue your claim
  • Comprehensive site investigation, undisputable and factual reports
  • An honest unbiased assessment of the state of your case
  • An expert that will take the time to help you . . . whenever you need the help
  • You need MIKE PANISH !