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The opposing counsel contacts Mike Panish for the same case ! No other expert witness like Mike Panish


The opposing counsel contacts Mike Panish for the same case!

No other expert witness like Mike Panish

Mike Panish is the single most sought after construction expert witness in the United States. In addition to construction defect and construction related injuries, his highly specialized expertise is doors, door hardware, and automatic doors for personal injury and defect cases. And, he is the only true cabinetry and architectural millwork expert witness in the country.

Mike offers unbiased and credible testimony for both plaintiff and defense. In approximately one out of every four cases where Mike has been retained by one side or the other, the opposition has also contacted his offices, at some point, attempting to retain him for the same case. This statistic is something that is unusual for most experts and unique to Mike.

Mike Panish is a sole source expert service provider for many construction and door related claims, and he is the only expert working in his field that offers unbiased and consistently credible opinions that stand up in depositions and courtroom testimony. Mike is consistently referred to attorneys by many experts in related fields and also by experts who have been on opposing sides to cases with him.

Mike is repeatedly utilized by multiple parties in many claims. In some past cases, he has been offered to opposing or cross defendants as a part of a proposed settlement agreement by the original attorney that hired him. This strategy has enabled the remaining involved parties to benefit from his unbiased and supportive opinions. Mike cuts to the chase and gets the job done for his clients. His opinions and expert services are substantive. Unlike other people offering expert services, his opinions are based upon over 30 years of professional experience working in the trades directly related to the types of expert services he now provides.

Mike has authored several articles regarding his ideas that if a truly unbiased and professional expert is involved in a case, that expert should be able to assist all involved parties as a direct way to resolve a dispute in a much clearer and low key approach to settlement whether it be in mediation or arbitration.

How many times have you been in a deposition opposite an expert that has nothing to say, refused to directly answer a question, is evasive, or appears to be just another hired gun? That expert probably lacks any experience, expertise or abilities in the field where he is claiming to be an expert. It is probable that this so called expert normally provides services to only the plaintiff or only to the defense. It is also probable that the expert has only done this type of expert service once or twice.

Mike is one of the most frequently retained construction expert, door and automatic door expert, and cabinetry & architectural millwork experts in this country. He has participated in over 850 cases to date, and evenly provides his services to plaintiff and defense.

If you have not yet contacted his offices, when you do so you will be amazed at the direct access that you will have to Mike during all phases of your case. He can assist you prior to filing your claim with development during discovery, provide information that is trade specific during deposition of opposing experts, and help you craft your case for positive results. His office staff attends to your every need without delay. You can place a call to his office and receive immediate attention unlike any other expert you may have used in the past. Mike will be your #1 choice once you have worked with him.

Visit Mike Panish's website, review his list of expertise and his informative published articles, look at the many testimonials that are registered there, and see that Mike is unlike any expert or expert service provider you have ever worked with in the past. If you waste your time trying to find an expert through a referral agency or expert service you are not going to get the best expert for your case. Mike's office staff will take your call directly, and get you in contact with Mike in minutes. They will check for conflict, and if there is none they will put you in touch with Mike immediately. If you have never used Mike Panish as your expert, you have never experienced what it means to really hire a true professional expert. Make the call to Mike, and save yourself the headaches associated with most expert searches. You will not be sorry! You will wish that he provided expert services in every field once you work with him.