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Integrity in an Expert Witness


How many times have you watched as the opposing expert witness self-destructs in a deposition, or better yet, in a trial situation? As an attorney, you have most likely seen this first-hand many times.

How many times have you retained the wrong expert, and watched him self- destruct or disappear as your case progresses?

As the most frequently retained and highly experienced construction expert witness, Mike Panish has been present in many depositions of opposing experts and read hundreds of opposing expert transcripts. He has commented to me that it is particularly disturbing and uncomfortable to observe someone claiming to be an expert offer unqualified opinions, while dancing around and ultimately falling down when answering specific key issues of a case. Mike has personally watched and heard experts hired by the opposition lie and fabricate answers during depositions in an attempt to bolster their incorrect or inadequate opinions and position. Mike continually reads transcripts where their expert opinions were based upon single remote experiences, or no personal experience whatsoever.

Many so-called experts in the construction related fields are completely unqualified and have no business calling themselves "expert". They offer opinions for money, tailored to suit the needs of their client, and frequently have no basis or factual supportive information to prove their claimed position. Their backgrounds do not have anything to do with the subject of the case matter. A couple of experts have even cited Mike Panish's published articles as their source material as they sat across from him in a deposition, unaware that he was the author of those articles. Some experts have deferred to Mike and told potential clients that they were not qualified to handle the type of case, telling them that Mike Panish should be their expert.

In a recent case that went to trial, an opposing so-called expert offered opinions pertaining to building codes that were not in existence prior to the late 1970's. His opinions were pointless as the subject home had been built in the late 1790's. After reading a lengthy transcript of his deposition and his expert report, Mike found them riddled with so many incongruous facts and errors that his rebuttal report caused the opposing attorney to find another expert for trial. The new replacement expert brought in for trial was no better than the first. The replacement expert claimed that he had participated in so many trials that one of the co- defendant's attorneys asked the court to verify his claimed income from expert services. Upon examining his income, it was found that this other expert claimed he actually lost money being an expert. It was fairly obvious that this so-called expert was lying during the whole trial, and the jury obviously saw right through him. The side Mike was working for prevailed in the courtroom. Mike's opinions were so strong and supported during deposition that a co-defendant opted to use Mike's expert testimony alone, and dismissed his retained expert after being present at Mike's deposition. So, both the defendant and co-defendant benefited from Mike's deposition and trial testimony.

Integrity is sometimes missing in opposing construction experts. They may be out of work building contractors seeking an alternative source of income, or are hired out of a referral service that could not quite find the appropriate expert to "fit the bill". Some think that being an expert might be fun, and they only do it once in a while. Others work cheaply, and some attorneys risk the outcome of the case based upon their cash outlay. Whatever the reason, they are not qualified experts.

The dictionary defines an expert as a person who is proficient, possessing a high degree of skill in, or knowledge and experience in a certain subject. Having demonstrated great skill or knowledge resulting from a long term practical experience or training. So, to be a true expert a person must have a long term association working and experiencing everything pertaining to the field from which he derives his expert opinions.

Unfortunately, most so-called experts providing opposing opinions in the fields where Mike Panish provides opinions are unworthy opponents, and they do not possess the level of expertise that should be required to act as an expert. Often, our office is contacted by many involved parties in the same legal action, as there are no other true experts in many of the fields that Mike works in. I then have to inform them of a conflict, and they go on to retain an expert that is not truly qualified or capable of providing a strong supportable opinion.

The fact that multiple parties in many cases call our office is quite flattering. It is also proof of Mike Panish's expertise, continual presence, and untarnished reputation. He is probably the most retained single expert witness working at this time. When you call our office, you work directly with Mike. There is no way to franchise or clone his abilities. He is a unique commodity possessing many talents and has a thorough understanding and depth of knowledge that I have not seen in anyone else providing expert services anywhere.

Hiring a true expert means that you will be associated with a person that can help you develop your case. Mike will help you get positive results whether you represent the plaintiff or defendant. True expertise comes at a cost. There is an old saying that if you are worried about the cost, you have already lost. Hiring a low priced expert usually means settling for low returns and a questionably qualified and suspect expert can damage your case beyond repair.

When you retain Mike Panish as the expert witness for your personal injury or construction defect case, you will be among the hundreds of successful attorneys that have prevailed because of Mike's professional expertise and unsurpassed abilities. Whether you are representing the plaintiff or defendant, a real expert will provide you with unbiased supportable information pertaining to your case. An expert with integrity will tell you the truth about all aspects of your case, and will not customize his expressed opinions to fit questionable aspects of a case. A true, unbiased expert is capable of providing his expert opinions to either side of a case. The facts should apply equally to both sides. If an expert is giving one sided opinions, only works for plaintiffs or defendants, then that expert is a hired gun. Chances are that the type of expert that is known as a hired gun has a long established questionable reputation that precedes his testimony. The attorneys opposing that hired gun see that expert as little threat to their case. That is because that expert lacks integrity.

Use an expert that will make your case. Mike Panish has been retained as expert witness on over 950 cases across the nation and internationally since the year 2000. He is retained evenly for both plaintiff and defense. Mike is currently retained on over 125 active cases, yet he will give you undivided timely attention to all of your case needs. Mike Panish is unlike any other expert you have ever worked with. His staff is easy to work with, and will assist and support your case needs in a timely manner. Mike has integrity and is the only expert you want working on your next personal injury, wrongful death, or construction defect case. Mike Panish has expertise in almost every construction trade, with specialties that make him the nation's number-one choice for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. In addition to being qualified to inspect and testify for most every construction trade and building codes, Mike Panish's expert specialties aredoors, door hardware, automatic doors, door sensors, cabinetry, furniture, and architectural millwork.